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St Brendan's Primary School and Nursery Unit, Moyraverty, Craigavon
St Brendan's Primary School and Nursery Unit, Moyraverty, Craigavon



Principal Mrs L French
Vice Principal Miss P McCooe


Early Intervention Support Miss C McDowell
  Mrs C Blaney



Learning Support Co-ordinator Mr K Rafferty


School Chaplain Rev. Fr Brian Fitzpatrick PP
Assistant Chaplain Sr. Rosemary


Nursery 1 Mrs C Judge
Nursery 2 Mrs C Corr
Primary 1 Mrs C. O'Hara/Mrs C Blaney
Primary 1 Mrs R Mulholland/Mrs C Blaney
Primary 2 Mrs U Mallon/Mr D Grimley
Primary 2 Miss C McCluskey
Primary 3 Mrs K Graham/Miss C McDowell
Primary 3 Mrs P McAtamney/Miss C McDowell
Primary 4 Mrs G McAlinden
Primary 4 Mrs C Diamond
Primary 5 Mrs S Tierney/Miss C McDowell
Primary 5 Mr D McCourt
Primary 6 Mr A Murphy
Primary 6 Mr K Rafferty/Mr D Grimley
Primary 7 Miss P McCooe/Mr D Grimley
Primary 7 Mr G O'Hara

Office Staff

Executive Officer Mrs A Brankin
Executive Officer Mrs R Rennie
Senior Clerical Officer Ms C Mawhinney

Classroom and General Assistants


Nursery Miss F McKane
Nursery  Miss C Thompson
Nursery  Ms K Hughes
Nursery  Miss R Harte
Nursery  Miss L Hughes
Primary 1 Miss C Towe
Primary 1 Mrs C Russell
Primary 2 Mrs C McAreavey
Primary 2 Mrs M McGurk
Primary 2 Miss C Greene
Primary 3 Miss J McVitty
Primary 3 Miss C McKeever
Primary 3  Miss C Quinn
Primary 4 Ms M Conlon
Primary 4 Miss O Corry
Primary 5 Mrs R McMullan
Primary 5 Mrs C Kerr
Primary 6  Miss M McConville
Primary 7  Mrs O Mackin
Primary 7 Mrs C Cooney